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Audio tape(s) decks

I dont have super much experience in recording things, so i wanted to write down some things i learned. I use an Pioneer CT-S810S Tapedeck with automatic tape calibration system, so my experience can be totally different than yours.

Recording Tape from Spotify guide

  • Create and arrange a playlist for your tape for each side of the casette: A and B
  • Use songs from the same album if possible due to their volume was most likely adjusted/mastered to the same level
  • Estimate if the tape length is sufficient on each side
  • Download the Spotify playlist, so the internet connection does not become an issue while recording
  • Disable shuffle and repeat for Spotify playback
  • If you decide not to download, then I recommend to turn this settings off:

    Edit -> Prefernces -> Audio quality -> Auto adjust quality OFF

  • Disable Spotifys normalizing volume feature. My experience is that the normalizing adjust some songs too silent. Loud passeges vary a fluctuate a little in the volume which i found audible ¯\(ツ)

    Edit -> Prefernces -> Audio quality -> Normalize volume OFF

  • Set your tapedeck to record mode and quickly skip through the songs and check your levelmeter. Aiming for the 0 dB mark is always good start and let the meter sometimes hit the +3 dB mark. This of course i exteremely dependend on your casette and setup and the weather.

  • Try to first max the volume of your "digital" signal/volume on your device/interface before pumping the record level up on the tapedeck. Otherwise you might also amplify the noise.
  • ⏺ Record and if you use a 3 head deck: listen to the tape on the fly and enjoy the time :)
  • Test your recording and trust your ears!