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Tenways CGO800S ebike

About my ebike

My ebike is a tenways CGO800S and its called starship 🚀 and i love it.


  • pros:

    • framework geometry with its easy get-on
    • riding feels natural due to the torque sensor
    • very low maintenance needed
    • not integrated but directional light
    • mudguards and trunk
    • removable and integrated battery
    • enough power for "durchbrettern im wald"
  • neutral:

    • singlespeed
  • cons:

    • riding > 30 km/h needs a very high cadence
    • handlbebar grips should be replaced with more ergonomic ones (i use Ergon GC1)

My usecase

The intentional idea was to use the bike for commuting to the office with low maintenance. But ater the first rides i had too much fun riding it. The bike with its acceleration and breakes feels very agile in the city.

Because the initial inhibition threshold to ride somewhere with the ebike is so low, i started to bycycle more often.

Soon it became an touring/bikepacking/mountanbike replacement for me. Finally i had an exuse to carry half of my belongings with through a forest while having speedy fun. The front suspenion fork helps a lot. It handles the flat* Berlin and Brandenburg terrain very brave so far and with max. support and max. muscle power i was able to climb the drive up to the Drachenberg and Teufelsberg while beeing fully loaded. Which is enough for me beeing an singlespeed bike with an max motor tourque of 35 Nm. But very fast speeds or long steep terrain is not what its made for, its just lacking the mechanical gears on both ends.

Here some pictures: Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text

Tenways powerbank

The tenways 180 Wh powerbank really suprised me. Its kind of expensive but as an overall package and mobile charger it works really well. It comes with an well made (+1!) weatherproof bag. I havent had the pleasure to test it in rain yet. It also support passthrough, that means it can charge my ebike battery via 42 V DC plug while sucking energy from any kind of powersource via usb-c up to ~65 W PD 🤯. I tried it with my shargeek storm 2 and i worked flawlessly until i killed the powerbank =(.

For comparsement here some capacities of the batteries:

  • tenways 800s battery: 380 Wh
  • anker 548 powerbank: 192Wh
  • shargeek storm2: 99 Wh

The conversion effiency should be around ~80-90%. Because of physics the powerbank will be discharged before the main battery, eventhough it cant charge fast enough for medium-heavy usage and the battery will be drained less quicker. Overall a very good product in my opinion and also convinient for office usage in compare to taking your bulky charger with you.

Alt text Alt text

Offroad behaviour

A really nice feature of the ebike with its rear motor is the selfstabilisation. For example: while driving fast downhill and encounter sand the motor will push you after the rapid speed drop bwlow 25 km/h. After a short delay it will push you forwards very hard and stabilize your trunk load. Something to get used to but kind of reliable :)

Max trunk weight

Tenways prints an "max 5 kg" on the trunk. This thigh looks very sturdy and after my Grunewald offroad tours the trunk is still fine. A reddit thread showed their response which states the stability of the bike. Due to the geometry it feels wobblier with the bags. But also i think its just a "cover your ass" warranty thingy. Here an example me carrying 14+15kg cat litter (some energy drink cans) from my nearby lidl store. But please dont take this as an example to overload your trunk! The Little Jon bikes (after inspecting the trunk with his hand) also stated that it should hold at least 25 kg.

Alt text

Here i put the bags on a digital scale:

Alt text Alt text

So far i am alive and hope for the best.