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Things i recommend


I just the idea of sharing my experiences with some products. Maybe it can save you some time or money. The products were either used for a long time or i just (google)dived into it or they got recommended by someone with much wisdom. I will hopefully add more content and explanation on decisions :)

Disclaimer: very biased opinions here.

3D printing

- Prusa MK3 3D printer 👍

I love it. Bought it as a MK3 kit and build it myself. After all, the price was worth it. Prusa is an awesome company and is very active in the firmware and slic3r development: The documentation is outstanding good and the community support too. You will pay more but save yourself a lot of nerves.

Model Railroading 🚂

- AC/DC/DCC? Which system to choose?

If you dont specifically want to go for Märklin (vendor), go for DC. AC gives you an ugly "Schleifer" under the locomotive and an "nipple" (3rd conductor) on the track. Also more mechanical things to maintan and less vendors on the market.

If you want the fancy features and way more decent driving capabilities, go for DCC (digital) instead of "only" DC (analog). If money is raining on you: go for DCC sound and smoke. My Opinion: go DCC+sound and experience the maximal fun!

- Which command station?

Roco Z21 (light) or digikeijs DR5000. You can use them both with same external software like the app.

Home Automatisation 🏠💡

  • It runs on a raspberry pi, on your linux server or in a docker container. GUI is website based, an App does exist. Almost every Integration is Plug and Play via Discovery.

- hardware

  • Philips Hue (ZigBee, Gateway exist). (Very good light quality, functioning software, hue sync app on the desktop for cheap ambilight on a windows pc)
  • Ikea TRÅDFRI (ZigBee, Gateway exist) (Works fine, awesome value for the price)
  • (Wifi) (Crazy good)

Electric Tools ⚒️🔦

- Stichsäge // Jigsaw?

  • Makita 4351FCTJ because I like to use it, very clean cut.
  • oder Festool, falls man das Kleingeld hat

- Tauchkreissäge

  • Festool Tauchsäge TS 55 😍 mit Führungsschiene. Ja, das Geld ist gut investiert.